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August 8, 2006      PRESS CONFERENCE CALL:  Wed August 9th at 11:30AM - 12:30PM EDT
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Multi-State Leafletting by 9/11 Activists at the Opening of Oliver Stone's

Nonviolent Civil Disobedience Planned

9-11 Activists From a Dozen Plus States to be on Conference Call

CITIES NATIONWIDE – announces multi-state leafletting at theaters showing Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center” movie opening on Wednesday, August 9th.

Stone's movie is an important breakthrough for 9/11 skeptics. The nation as a whole will view the actual footage of the collapse of World Trade Center Building #7. Up to this point mainly those residents in the metro NYC area and those researching 9/11 issues were aware of the failure of Building #7.

“Carol Brouillet, the Californian who was prepared to risk arrest, has received permission to set up a table within the Grand Lake Theater, Oakland, CA, which we applaud,” stated David Slesinger. Brouillet is the originator of the “Deception Dollar” and the Green Party candidate for the 14th District Congressional seat in California.

“We have to consider this breakthrough in California a success. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all theater owners were as sympathetic,” continued Slesinger. Alan Michaan, owner of the Grand Lake Theater, is going to display “Was 9-11 An Inside Job?” on his marquee.

The exact location and times of the leafletting will be made during the Press Conference Call

WHO: Activists across the US, Names to be announced on the Conference Call

WHAT: Leafletting Actions at Screening of Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center

WHERE: Theaters Across the US, Exact locations to be announced on the Press Conference Call

WHEN: Wednesday, August 9th, Exact times to be announced on the Press Conference Call

More info on the August 9th leafletting may be found at or