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August 3, 2006      PRESS CONFERENCE CALL:  Wed August 9th at 11:30AM - 12:30PM EDT
                           CONFERENCE CALL NUMBER:  Upon Request        Access Code: Makes a Powerful Statement Leafletting at Opening of Oliver Stone’s “World Trade Center”

9-11 Activists to Risk Arrest at Several Theaters

CITIES NATIONWIDE – Concerned citizens who believe there is a great amount of information being withheld from the public about what happened on September 11, 2001 will begin their campaign to leaflet at theaters across the United States on August 9 to educate World Trade Center movie goers about the need for a real investigation into the disastrous incident.

Activists will risk arrest for being on a local theater’s private property. More info on the August 9 leafletting may be found at or eMail

Questions 911 Courage wants answered include:

  1. Why hasn’t the government explained the molten steel in World Trade Center Building #7, a third collapsed skyscraper which wasn’t hit by a plane?

  2. Why won’t the government admit they’ve got the black boxes from the planes that hit the towers?

  3. Why doesn’t the public know about the extensive military war games which confused FAA workers on the morning of 9/11?

  4. Why did the official US Commission ignore more than half of the hundreds of questions raised by the “Jersey girls” and other family members?

We’ll be leafletting and risking arrest at privately owned malls in at least 3 states including, Maryland, Florida, and California,” notes organizer David Slesinger. “ Our Call to Action, ‘Escalate Now!’ “ points to our goal to gradually turn these consumerist complexes into democratic information centers. While the movie Flight 93 was based on lies, Oliver Stone’s movie deserves some praise for historical accuracy. We want to credit Stone with the depiction of explosions and molten steel in the towers and the actual footage of the collapse of the forty-seven story World Trade Center Building 7.

The exact location and times of the leafletting will be made public next week.

WHO: Activists across the US

WHAT:  Leafletting Actions at Screening of Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center

WHERE:  Theaters Across the US. Exact locations to be announced.

WHEN:  Wednesday, August, 9th. Exact time to be announced.