Sept-Oct 2006
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State of the Michael New Case

You probably have heard that the system of Injustice in America has moved faster than usual this year, in the case of former Army Spc. Michael G. New. On February 16, the US Court of Appeals (D.C) finally heard the oral arguments from Attorney Herbert W. Titus.
Moving with some alacrity, they turned down the appeal in May. Amazingly, they then ignored a 40 policy of that very court, which had been upheld by the Supreme Court many, many times. We were not even arguing the issue of forcing soldiers to wear UN helmets. We were simply attempting to get the court to follow its own rules, with an en banc hearing, to visit this question as an entire court, instead of the three judges who had ignored the established standard. With almost blinding speed (for the court system), they denied that petition on August 17, unanimously and without comment. Not one judge on that court could see the radical shift that the three-judge panel had accomplished. Not one wanted to hear the case.
For 40 years, the Standard of Review for military cases which reach the civil courts, has been the same. Defendants have always been allowed to present evidence to support their position – and have always been granted the most liberal interpretation possible by the courts to make their claims. No longer. The new policy, which is already becoming known as the "Michael New Precedent", says that evidence is NOT a fundamental element of the defense, and may be barred if the court does not want to see it.
This creates an atmosphere of judicial chaos for future litigants, both from the military and civilian sides of the judicial system.
What can you do? Well, if you know an organization which would like to file an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief on behalf of Michael New, now is the time to let them know. We will gladly provide background information for any attorney or firm or organization that requests a packet.
Our appeal must be filed about November 15. Don't have the deadline for amicus briefs, but should have it soon.
Please remember the attorneys and the family in prayer as we plan for this momentous occasion. What's momentous about it? Only the sovereignty of the American People. Only the sovereignty of the nation. Other than that, it's no big deal.
If American soldiers can be forced to serve a foreign military against their will, then we are not a free country. And, if we are not a free country, then why should we allow our sons and daughters serve in a military capacity of our conquerors?
This case stands to radically reshape the entire paradigm of what it means to be an American Citizen and an American soldier. If enlistments continue to decline, the failure of the justice system in the case of Michael New will continue to be one of the factors.

Is it possible that this
was the goal all along?

Congress holds the Key... and doesn't know it!!

Dr. Ron Paul has introduced a small, but powerful little bill into the House of Representative which could solve the problem of forcing Americans to serve in foreign military operations, but most of them don't know it, and won't know it, unless you bring it to their attention.
The Citizen Soldier Protection Act of 2006 is the key – H.R. 4797. It needs to pass the House, and needs a sponsor in the Senate. Prospects for both those goals are not likely this year, but we have to start somewhere. As I write this, we have one co-sponsor, Rep. John Sweeney of New York.
We'll send you a copy on request, or you can download it from the website. Get your senator or rep to sponsor this bill, and we will bake you a cake! Or something.
The Military of the 21st Century
The 20th Century brought us a transition from nations and empires, fighting wars, to the recognition by most governments that "there is a higher power" – and we're not talking about God! Virtually every nation on the planet today recognizes the limited authority of the United Nations as having a legitimate role of governing the affairs of all nations, including the fighting of wars. Limited. But nonetheless, authority.
Didn't we do something similar in the USA a long time ago? Did we not set up a very limited government, to provide for dealing with foreign nations, and to represent us in times of national emergencies? Whatever happened to that small central government, set up as a Servant to the States? Those who remember what happened when the "sovereign States" attempted to (legally) secede in 1861, should be able to see where we are headed with the United Nations.
In future New's Letters I'll discuss this subject of where we are going, because the fog is lifting and the way wars will be fought in this century is becoming both more clear and more complicated at the same time.
First, we are "outsourcing" several elements of war. Private Contractors are paying former American soldiers some amazing amounts of money – $75K-$125K a year – to function as quasi -legal enforcers in areas controlled by no single authority. This is an atmosphere which lends itself to abuse. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this – and the Constitution spells it out. (See next issue.)
Second, we are moving toward Regionalization of war. Beginning with Korea under SEATO (a "UN Regional Arrangement"), then NATO (the same), we now see the coalitions of Iraq I and Iraq II being fought, not under the authority of the US Constitution, but under the authority of the United Nations Charter and on the passing of resolutions of the UN Security Council. Both Presidents Bush have cited the UN as their authority to conduct warfare.
And then there's SHIRBRIG – headquartered in Denmark, where the United Nations already has a standing army of 96,000 soldiers! Did you know that? It is called the Stand-By High Readiness Brigade, and it is paid for by the taxpayers of participating countries. Look them up on the internet, or wait for the next issue.
And wait until you hear about the Afrikan Korps – the 75,000 man standing army "by Africans, for Africa" that Kofi Annan wants, along with the Pentagon and the State Department! The American taxpayer is to foot the bill. (And, why not? No political fallout when Africans kill one another. Our politicians don't mind spending money (after all, it costs us nothing to print it!), but they don't like facing grieving families.
Debt – the 21st Century version of Slavery

We all know the Biblical truth of the principle: "The borrower is a slave to the lender." And most of us would admit that this principle applies not only to individuals, but to families, to tribes and to nations.
America is financially bankrupt. Yet, because we have great resources, and because we have an active economy, and because that economy has given us a lifestyle that is richer than any society in the history of the world, we think that we are rich. After all, the radio talk show hosts keep telling us that the economy is sound, that the stock market is a great investment, that nothing like the Depression can ever happen again in this "managed economy", etc., etc. Our assets are less than our liabilities. Our National Debt is now over $8.535 Trillion! Your personal share, as I write this, is $28,501.04 x each member of your family.
But the fact is, in spite of our technological prowess, we are a bankrupt nation. We are also a nation of bankrupt individuals. In fact, if you are not in debt, right now, then you are the rare exception in this country. Consider this article, from USA TODAY, two years ago:
By Dennis Cauchon and John Waggoner
USA TODAY, Oct. 4, 2004
The long-term economic health of the United States is threatened by $53 trillion in government debts and liabilities that start to come due in four years when baby boomers begin to retire.
The "Greatest Generation" and its baby-boom children have promised themselves benefits unprecedented in size and scope. Many leading economists say that even the world's most prosperous economy cannot fulfill these promises without a crushing increase in taxes - and perhaps not even then....
A USA TODAY analysis found that the nation's hidden debt - Americans' obligation today as taxpayers – is more than five times the $9.5 trillion they owe on mortgages, car loans, credit cards & other personal debt.
This hidden debt equals $473,456 per household, dwarfing the $84,454 each household owes in personal debt.
The $53 trillion is what federal, state and local governments need immediately – stashed away, earning interest, beyond the $3 trillion in taxes collected last year – to repay debts and honor future benefits promised under Medicare, Social Security and government pensions. And like an unpaid credit card balance accumulating interest, the problem grows by more than $1 trillion every year that action to pay down the debt is delayed.
"As a nation, we may have already made promises to coming generations of retirees that we will be unable to fulfill," Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan told the House Budget Committee last month.
Free Men are not in debt, and men in debt are not free.
Are hard times coming to America? Probably. Are you ready? We encourage you to be prepared! This begins by doing all you can to get out of the debt-slavery in which you may find yourself. Free Men are not in debt, and men in debt are not free.
From there, you need to prepare your family to think about living a more modest life-style, and considering having the ability to be self-sufficient, by whatever means is necessary. Don't wait for the government to help you out. If necessary, I exhort you to sell all you own to purchase your freedom. This is what individual and family Responsibility is all about. To compound the problem, America is morally bankrupt. Remind me to discuss that next time.

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