News from the Undead
One Critic‘s Journal of Fact & Opinion

Number 26, Aug. 31, 2006
by Mark S. Tucker
“Have pen, will poison.”



I‘m pre-empting the “Israel / Lebanon / PsyOps” series for an issue, due to an earth-shaking event:


Mike Malloy Fired by Weasel Goldberg from Air America for “Financial Reasons”
by Mark S. Tucker

I‘ve just learned through The Majority Report that White Rose member / Air America host Mike Malloy, who‘s been battered by management like a rag doll in recent months, has been fired by Air America dipshit supreme Danny Goldberg, the turd in the Left punchbowl. The terse reason cited, even on Malloy‘s own website, was “for financial reasons”.


I‘m not going to entertain that red herring, especially not with the pay Al Franken draws down or the profits Goldberg has been pocketing. The real reason is that Air America is not a True Left station, never has been and never will be. They‘re Left of Center, not True Left, and, as I cited in work on ** and in the succeeding *Veritas Vampirus*, I suspect AirAm management of being Righties, Goldberg included. He is after all, an ex-producer of rock records, one of the lowest forms of life on Earth. The True Left is represented far more aptly on public radio stations like (here in L.A.) KPFK and KCRW, themselves sadly lacking in many respects but FAR more vociferous in their Leftisms.

Malloy‘s just the most recent in the AirAm Purge, a pogrom offloading personnel who have indeed been True Left, Malloy and Marc Maron most especially but also Janeane Garofalo (self-exiled). Goldberg the Reptile has been shuffling in Centrists like Ed Schultz to abet the slow Drift To The Right and to please *his* paymasters, whoever the fuck *they* are. Anyone who can fire Malloy and justify keeping Schultz (or Mark Reilly) is either a Rightie or insane.

Some have asked why I conduct my war with Rob Kall,‘s publisher; it‘s because Kall is at one with the Centrist Left/Right, along with jerks like Goldberg, and even if 99% of the Left is happy with that, I‘m not. These fuckwads need to be fought. I‘m more than happy to do so, come what may. Kall disinherited me from OpEd for doing so, first against Goldberg, then against others he wished to play Big Boss BooFoo with. No big loss....I‘m not exactly missing that $0.00 paycheck, y‘know?

Mike had been assured he‘d been re-upped by AirAm itself, had announced this to great jubilation on the audience‘s part, and things had been looking rosy. Per Goldberg, the “contract was on the way”. That very language should have been the first indication, but clouds had been gathering before it.

First, he had the tough slot, late night. Then, I‘m not sure whether it was AirAm or L.A.‘s KTLK and ClearChannel, but his slot was hugely infringed on by the Harrison On The Edge show in Los Angeles. Recently, some nights, ya got 2 hours of Mike, but, more and more, he was restricted to one, a very plain telling profile.

Goldberg‘s the typical prick manager and had been refusing to assure hosts of their contract renewals until the very last nanosecond, especially Sam Sedar, one of Air America‘s real stars. Goldberg‘s also the guy the hosts have been pussyfooting around, tempering what should have been much more vehement opinions for paycheck-saving weenie poses. With Mike, though, the usual dishonest bastard capitalist move was made: lie, then take sadistic pleasure in pulling the rug this case, not just from under Mike‘s feet but also Kathy and Molly‘s, his wife and newborn.

Readers here already know of my Kall-censored AirAm articles, as well as the fact that I‘ve been informed, by sources close to him, that Air America leaned on Kall after reading my pieces, articles some AirAm hosts had even obliquely alluded to on-air (a number of OpEd readers caught it). He was only too happy to comply with whatever threats were made, as the guy‘s a starfucker at best, certainly no writer. One source even mentioned Goldberg as the caller but I‘ve no way to validate that.

I‘ve always said that it‘s the little things which come back and bite you. I criticized Air Am hosts, even Randi Rhodes, for being Uriah Heeps regarding their management; now it can plainly be seen what that has curried. I therefore partially blame them, not as much as I blame that ‘tard Goldberg, but do indeed force them to carry their share. Remember the old admonition (paraphrased here): “When they came to get me, I realized they could do so because I hadn‘t spoken up while they were getting everyone else!” That‘s what they‘re guilty of.

Mike Malloy is a dangerous man. He‘s passionate, afraid of no one, intelligently reckless, in love with the American ideology, and willing to call a spade a spade. It‘s why they had to can him: the Right and the Business Putsch can‘t tolerate having lights shone on them. They‘re anti-intellectual for exactly what Malloy best exposes: the unwillingness of self-realized people to any longer stand for the grim old ways of suppression, deviancy, and devolution.

Malloy is just the harbinger. If idiots like Goldberg are feeling confident enough to get rid of someone the public is so taken with, then you can guess what our saurian Masters in D.C. are planning. That‘s right: the Net and its throttling. Mike was the raucous canary in the tunnel. The Net is next. The Putsch CANNOT succeed if the Net is allowed to remain in the people‘s grasp. It will, however, succeed very well, and very quickly, if that last thin line of intercommunication is allowed to be hegemonized... which Congress is eager to do, Democrats as much as Republicans.

I needn‘t lecture Veritas Vampirus readers on what I think they need to do - I‘ve lost only three readers over the course of 25 issues, a rate I can VERY comfortably afford - but let me hang a little whispering spider in all our collective ear:

If this is allowed to succeed, mark my words: Malloy‘s firing will have been the bellwether. Silenced, he‘ll be seen to have been the sigil that the oncoming deluge was at the doorstep. We won‘t appreciate the fact that we should have fought like tigers for him, and, not having done so, were ourselves swept under. This understanding will only dawn on us long after we‘ve struggled, battered and half-lifeless, from the wreckage.

Therefore, as the poet admonished: rage, rage against the night! Let AirAm know how you feel! Let the affiliates know how you feel! Do no mince words! Do not catsneak! Put it in their face and make ‘em smell the outrage! Fight!!! If Malloy‘s worth it to you, fight!

As for that slug Goldberg (hey waitaminnit, didn‘t Orwell...?), I‘d tell him he should develop a guilt complex, but I think any hope of that bearing fruit would be far too easily bullied aside by his.....gelt complex.

Therein lies the cancer.