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'Politics 911' August 22, 2006
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  • Hello to All!

    The number one strategy to emerge from the
    'Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future' conference held June 2-4 in Chicago is the following:

    "Politics 911", a joint 9/11Truth.org and MUJCA-Net initiative.

    "Politics 911" is an emergency citizen's campaign that debuted on the anniversary of the 9/11 Commission cover-up, July 22nd.This 4-month campaign will help to focus the 2006 electoral debate on 9/11 truth.

    9/11 Litmus Test Debuts

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    The goal is to require every candidate running for the US House or Senate in 2006 to publicly declare whether he/she will support a truly independent re-investigation of the events surrounding 9/11.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Develop a Roster of all Senate and Congressional candidates from all parties;

    2. Poll Each and Every Candidate regarding their awareness of/interest in 9/11 issues, and their support for a new and truly independent See poll questionnaire at www.911truth.org

    3. Publish All Candidate Responses on the website.

    4. Encourage Widespread Bird-Dogging at all public electoral events with thought-provoking 9/11 questions, until every campaign spokesperson will find it necessary to prepare a position paper on 9/11 truth.

    5. Contribute Personalized 9/11 Teaching Materials to communities where truth candidates are contending with official story defenders.

    This national 911 Politics Polling Campaign is now underway and you can help this ambitious and farsighted project succeed!

    To participate in the face to face campaign, familiarize yourself with the information provided at 911truth.org.

    There are 50 states to round up lists of Federal candidates from. Can you obtain that list for your state?

    Start with the Project Vote Smart tool found on that page, and add in those that are missing. Specifically: name, email, state, district & race, phone, campaign manager, mailing address.

    Join with other volunteers in your state to coordinate and not duplicate your efforts.

    Print out Candidate Polls, grab a friend with a camera or, better yet, video camera, and go meet your candidates when they make a public appearance.

    If distances are prohibitive, mail or fax them the poll (they can't sign an email) and follow up persistently with phone calls until the paperwork is returned filled out. Remember, every reminder call is an opportunity to engage in enlightened dialogue and these will be our future decision makers.

    Influence and educate the people who surround these candidates; be a '9/11 lobbyist'!

    Informative materials to give the candidates and staff are provided for download with the 911truth.org article.

    After information collection, the data can be inputted in an on-line interface at 911Truth.org which will then be distributed widely in emails and press releases.

    Please use this address: politics911@911truth.org for this volunteer effort.

    Although this campaign is focused on Federal candidates, I took the liberty of approaching my local candidates and also I intend to push my incumbents to look at the questionnaire because it provides a starting point from which 9/11 education and a commitment to 9/11 truth can take place.

    My local candidate polling campaign here in Central Florida was launched Saturday August 19, when I yielded to the invitations in my inbox and attended two political events.

    My goal? Get the candidates or their representatives to fill out the Candidate's 9/11 Truth Poll. So I decided to photograph them as they received the questionnaire from me. This way, they can never say that they did not receive it.

    Hakeem Aquil


    Florida State House of Representatives District 59 Democrat

    I attended Hakeem's fish fry for his district at a city park and he was warm and friendly, down to earth and helping out with the cooking. When I told him about the polling I was doing, he said, "I knew there was something strange about how those buildings came down and what happened that day, and look what has happened since."

    Jim Davis

    Jim Davis Rep

    Florida Gubernatorial Primary Candidate, Democrat

    Jim himself did not attend the BBQ, but his representative Patrick Kavanaugh was there to accept the questionnaire and will enthusiastically present it to Jim!

    Candice Jovan


    Florida State House District 50 Democrat

    This intelligent woman knows the score but does not feel that a state position can be effective at addressing the 9/11 issue. However, she is willing to host a 9/11 program on her Public Access show but after the elections!

    Rod Smith

    Rod Smith

    Florida Gubernatorial Primary Candidate, Democrat

    This was the Biggest Fish,
    Rod Smith, charismatic Florida State Senator running in the Democratic Primary for the Governor's job.

    He took the Poll out of my hands with a strained look on his face.

    Will he be good on his promise and give us Straight Talk?

    Join the fun and use your talents to single out and approach your politicians.
    They need to know what is coming down, be a Patriot and do your part to raise national awareness.

    The White Rose Lives!

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